The husband took his wife by the hand

The chirping of birds. When the first rays of the sun fell on the dew, those drops of water were shining like magic pearls. The elder brother’s wedding was taking place. I will also tell you why they were living in the garden, not death by doing household chores, but three.

Four pearls fell together. Work thief, don’t ask so much. A few days before henna, all the people had gone to the bride’s house to perform some ritual and at the same time Hanan Sahib forcibly left with the women. Have been

Hanan said jokingly. Bha bhi also smiled and said yes, like her brother-in-law, Hanan’s brother-in-law Saadia, who was very beautiful, said that she was made in a love like a beautiful fairy. Sometimes he is planning after marriage, sometimes he is telling about his elder brother. This is a good habit of his brother. This is a bad habit of Hanan Sahib. The aunt’s daughter also came to the wedding. They both loved each other but could not say.

They used to say a lot to each other in gestures but when they had to say something, they became silent or they used to do it. It was the night of henna. There was a charming departure in the silent waves, while the henna ritual was being performed. All the cousins ​​who were hiding in the room made a lot of noise.

Hanan was very happy to be engaged here. Her heart was pounding. It was a rainy day. Everyone was very happy. Because of sleeping late at night. It was raining time but the bridegroom was nowhere to be found. Everyone was calling but the number was also closing. Everyone was upset. I didn’t know where he was. Suddenly a WhatsApp message came on Hanan’s mobile from Nick. I am talking to your elder brother in Hanan. Tell Abu that I can’t get married. Forgive me

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