Why doesn’t a wife look good after marriage?

A man came to Hazrat Ali (RA) and said: I like Hazrat Ali (RA) and I want to marry him but I have a question whether he will be faithful to me again or not. Allah (swt) said: Remember a man who insults his parents and a woman who complains about her house in front of others, then understand that she will not be a good wife.

It is in the nature of a woman to hide and conceal the faults of her house in front of someone else, then understand that she is not a woman. Will this woman be faithful to me or not? Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said: O man, the worst deed in this world is lying, remembering the root of all sins. If these things are practiced then we can learn lessons and our life can be easier. We can easily know who is faithful and who is unfaithful.

According to what Hazrat Ali has said, a woman who insults her parents, that is, they will speak against her who has brought her into this world, then such a woman is not good in any way and the woman who is in her house She goes out and talks, that is, she will talk to you tomorrow, she will complain to others, so that woman is not good for you. Lahore (Web Desk) One day Jesus (pbuh) passed away. From a graveyard there was a man sitting by a grave crying. When he asked the reason for crying, he said: This is my wife’s grave, she was my cousin’s daughter, I loved her so much, I can’t stand her separation.

Jesus (pbuh) said: If I wish, I can resurrect your wife by the command of Allah. He said restlessly: Yes! Do it So the Prophet (peace be upon him) stood up and said: Get up by the command of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala! The tomb exploded and an Abyssinian slave came out of it with flames burning on it. He looked at Jesus (pbuh) and said in a loud voice: There is no god but Allah, Jesus is the soul of Allah. He said: The fire is extinguished. God’s punishment is gone from him. The man said: “I made a mistake. My wife’s grave is not this but another.” He (peace be upon him) went there and said: Arise by the command of Allah Almighty! The tomb burst open and a beautiful woman came out of it. As soon as the man saw this, he grabbed his hand and said: O soul of Allah! This is my wife Jesus (pbuh) left them both there and moved on. He was very happy to meet his wife. After a while he fell asleep and fell asleep there.

In the meantime, a prince passed by. When the prince saw this woman, he liked her. The woman also liked the prince and she left her husband to sleep and went with the prince. He was very upset not to find his wife. He reached the palace of the prince while looking for her. There he saw his wife and said: She is my wife. The prince said: You are lying, she is my slave, I can’t believe it. So ask him. Upon hearing this, the unfaithful woman immediately said: Yes! I am the slave of the prince, I do not even know you, you are blaming me unnecessarily.

On hearing this, he returned from the palace weeping. My wife whom you brought back to life is now with the prince. So he said to this woman: Are you not the one whom I resurrected by the command of Allah Almighty? The woman said: “No! I’m not that

He (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Well then, return what you have given us. It was said that: that false and unfaithful woman fell dead and fell to the ground. Let him look at this Abyssinian slave and whoever wants to see a woman who dies in the state of faith, then Allah Almighty revived him and he died in the state of disbelief, then he should look at this woman

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