The Secret Of The Dairy Business

The dairy industry would have us believe that cows live happy lives; that they spend their days basking in the sunshine and roaming around in the grass with their young. But the reality is a different, far darker story.

All cows within the dairy industry – no matter how they are raised – will be forcibly impregnated, separated from their calves and, eventually, slaughtered at a young age. These truths are an inescapable part of commercial dairy production in the UK.

The secret of the dairy business

In the UK nearly 2 million cows are used and killed every year for their dairy. Just like humans, cows only produce milk once they’ve given birth, so the dairy industry artificially inseminates them every year for around 3 years. At this point they are usually considered ‘spent’ and are slaughtered for beef, gelatine or leather.

Cows are emotionally sensitive creatures with strong maternal bonds. However, the dairy industry routinely separates cows from their calves, often just days or even hours after birth, so the milk can be sold for human consumption. This prevents the mother and her calf from engaging in their natural bonding behaviours and can cause visible stress and anxiety for these gentle animals

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