The true story of a crazy girl

They were falling deeply in love, but she held a secret: Myra was the cause of all his bitterness. She caused his plane to crash during the town air-derby, forever destroying his ability to fly. He knew the name, but had never seen the face of the woman responsible. Destiny (with a little help from Myra) brings them together again, and they are immediately love-struck. Myra never reveals her true identity. Who could blame her?When Dick proposes, she fears it’s the end.

Is it a tragic love story, or, a triumph of the human spirit? Would love be enough to forgive the guilty — who managed to deliver two blows to the heart by not only causing the accident, but also lying about who she was?

The true story of a crazy girl

It was during the summer of 1930 that Grangeville’s business men built a new landing field. They were justly proud of their achievement and to boost the town, it was finally decided to have a grand celebration in the form of an air-derby. There were to be races and stunting, and a couple of hired planes to take up curious passengers.

I was the first girl from Grangeville to secure a pilot’s license, and I looked forward to the air-derby with the keenest zest. I was still enough of a little girl to relish a chance to show off before the home town folks. My father, who firmly believed that a girl had as much right to wings as a boy, had purchased me a second hand-monoplane for a birthday present and, after I had it repainted, I was as proud as the captain of a fleet.

After weeks of excited preparation, the great day finally arrived. I was entered in nearly every event of the day and, if thrills were fatal, I would have been prostrated! I was on the field almost before sun-up, testing the plane for the hundredth time, peering under the hood for trouble that was non-existent

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