Eat 7 Days And Treat All Type Weakness And Fatigue

Calcium Deficiency Treatment….You probably already know that you need calcium for strong, healthy bones. Phosphorus is another mineral that helps build and repair bones. But did you know that your body needs vitamin D to help enhance calcium and phosphorus absorption?

Eat 7 Days And Treat All Type Weakness And Fatigue

Vitamin D plays a key role in enhancing phosphorus entry as well as maintaining a healthy balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. That makes vitamin D a critical component to maintaining healthy and strong bones. Both calcium and phosphorus absorption takes place in the intestinal tract, most particularly in the lower segment of the small intestine, which is called the ileum.

In fact, 70 to 80% of calcium absorption occurs in this specific area of the intestines. 1 The entry of calcium and phosphorus into the digestive tract is positively enhanced by the presence of Vitamin D.1 That means that vitamin D is the key to getting calcium and phosphorus to enter the bloodstream via the gut

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