3 Things Not To Do When Advertising On The Internet

When it comes to advertising online, there are some specific things that you DON’T want to do if you want to have success with every ad that you run. These things can cause you to lose a ton of money – which will be caused by your inability to write and craft ads that actually generates response.

In today’s lesson, I want to share with you some things that you absolutely DON’T want to do when running ads all over the place online. Some of these things may seem obvious to you, but for a lot of people, they are totally in neglect about the way that they are advertising… and about the way that they are marketing their business. Here’s the first thing you don’t want to do:

1) Copy your competitors’ ads

Never do this. You have no idea what their sales figures are, and whether or not they are actually making a large profit from the products that they sell. Instead, be original and come up with ads that actually work. You have no idea, how they’re advertising, where they’re advertising, and WHY they are advertising the way that they are.

When I review competitors’ websites for some of my clients… I see poorly designed websites that shouldn’t even be allowed to be put on the internet. And the bad part is that my clients want to promote and design their site in the way that their competitors are! This is nonsense. Just don’t do it. Here’s something else that you don’t want to do:

2) Use industry terms

Never speak in a language that only your competitors will understand. The average customer or prospect doesn’t want to comprehend in the industry jargon in your business. So make it simple for them. Explain to them why they should buy from you, and tell them in simple terms.

Confused prospects don’t buy. So never speak in terms that only your colleagues and business associates would understand. Your average prospect doesn’t have time to think about what your ad is saying while you’re Twittering your life away with each ad that you run. So don’t make this mistake. Here’s the last thing to avoid doing:

3) Say promises and phrases that everybody else says

If you’re using terms like “quality”, “number 1”, “the best”, etc… get rid of it. All your prospect wants to know is if your product or service will benefit them, and if it can help them to solve their problem – or achieve their goal. Leave generic comments at the door… show your prospect how you can help them.


You want to build value. So add bonuses. Add free consulting or 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Add more products. Add a blog or articles that they can learn from. Differentiate yourself from your competitors, and you will see your bank account slowly take a good turn for the BEST.

Take these 3 things that you don’t want to do when advertising online, and make sure not to do them. They can definitely decrease your sales. Good luck with advertising online

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