Do You Get Leg Cramps at Night? Eat Some Broccoli

London: Taking magnesium helped four out of five people suffering leg cramps at night, say, researchers. Lack of the mineral found in broccoli and green leafy vegetables is one of the most common causes of leg cramps, but only one in six people surveyed is aware of the connection. Two …

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‘Are you having a baby? I hope it’s a boy’

Lahore: In an era where cell phones and Botox have changed our lifestyles, our mentality is still not very different from the dark ages. If you browse through any Urdu newspaper’s classified section, you might come across an ad that says “beta” (son) in big, bold letters. If you read …

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Aamir Liaquat And Revenge Of Nature

There are no moderate opinions when it comes to Aamir Liaquat; the man is positively doted on by a segment of Pakistani society and utterly despised by the other. The polarisation of opinions he provokes could make for a valuable academic case study in deconstructing public relevance and support. Against …

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Wow,What A Glory For Our Prophet (S.A.W)

O beloved We have indeed bestowed upon you countless excellences. So you offer Salah for your Lord, and sacrifice. Indeed he who is your enemy, only he is deprived of every good.[Kanz-ul-Iman (translation of Quran)] Here is a holy reason for the revelation of this verse. When a beloved son …

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The true story of a crazy girl

They were falling deeply in love, but she held a secret: Myra was the cause of all his bitterness. She caused his plane to crash during the town air-derby, forever destroying his ability to fly. He knew the name, but had never seen the face of the woman responsible. Destiny …

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Psychological Tricks That Will Make Your Marriage Happier

London: Our first date almost didn’t result in a second date. When Adam opened the door, Allison couldn’t figure out why he was dressed like a teenager on his way to the gym. Then she found out he did magic tricks. Strike two. In any relationship, there are deal-breakers. Smoking. …

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